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Fellows of the Society

The Society confers its highest honour on persons who have rendered significant service to the study of parasitology and to the Society by electing them as its Fellows. Such elections are made by a committee comprising of three Fellows of the society nominated by the President.

Fellows of ISP:
Late Prof. B.P. Pandey (1981), Late Dr. B.N. Singh (1982), Late Prof. A.B. Chowdhury (1983), Dr. B.B. Gaitonde (1984) , Dr. V.S. Alwar (1985), Late Prof. M. Anantraman (1986), Dr. J.P. Dubey (1987), Late Dr. A.B. Sen (1988), Prof. H.D. Srivastava (1989), Prof. R.C. Mahajan (1990), Prof. S.M. Agarwal (1991), Prof. A.H. Siddiqi (1992), Dr. G.P. Dutta (1993), Prof. G.N. Johri (1994), Prof. V.S. Chauhan (1995), Late Dr. J.C. Katiyar (1996), Dr. V.P. Sharma (1997), Prof. M. Shamim Jairajpuri (1998), Dr. C.M. Gupta (1999), Prof. N.K. Ganguly (2000), Prof. Veena Tandon(2005), Prof. R. Madhavi(2007), Dr. J. Mahanta (2009), Dr. Hafeez (2008), Dr. Mahanta (2009), Dr. S.L. Hoti (2010), Dr. J.K. Saxena (2013)


Dr. B.N. Singh Memorial Oration Award

This award was instituted in 1988 in the memory of late Dr. B.N. Singh, the doyen of microbiologists and former President, ISP. This award is bestowed on eminent parasitologists for their outstanding contributions towards research in parasitology.

Dr. A.B. Sen (1988), Prof. R.C. Mahajan (1989), Dr. V.P. Sharma (1990), Dr. Nitya Nand (1993), Prof. D.P. Banerjee (1994), Dr. G.P. Dutta (1995), Dr. C.M. Gupta (1996), Dr. Chetan Chitnis (1997), Prof. G. Padmanabhan (1998), Dr. A.N. Bhaduri (1999), Dr. VML Srivastava (2001), Dr. R. Kaleysa Raj (2002), Dr. S.K. Puri (2004), Prof. Neelima Gupta (2008),Dr. J.K. Saxena (2009), Prof. P. Kaliraj (2010), Dr. P Kalpana Murthy (2011), Dr. A.M. Saxena (2012), Dr. Neena Goyal, CDRI, Lucknow (2014), Dr. S.L. Hoti, RMRC, Belgaum (2015)


Dr. B.P. Pandey Memorial Oration Award

The award instituted in 1988, is in the memory of late Dr. B.P. Pandey, a renowned researcher and distinguished teacher. The award is bestowed on an eminent teacher of parasitology for his outstanding contribution towards teaching of parasitology.

Prof. B.V. Rao (1988), Prof. S.M. Agarwal (1989), Prof. B.B. Bhatia (1990), Prof. A.B. Chowdhury (1993), Prof. R.C. Mahajan (1994), Prof. N.K. Ganguly (1995), Dr. P.N. Sharma (1996), Prof. R. Madhavi (1997), Prof. S.C. Parija (1998), Prof. Nancy Malla(1999), Prof. Mohammad Hafeez (2001), Dr Bharatha Laxmi (2002), Prof. C. Kalawati (2003), Prof. Sandeep K. Malhotra (2004), Prof. Sarman Singh (2006), Prof. B.V. Jadhav (2007),Prof. P. Prakash Babu (2009), Dr. S.K. Gupta (2012), Prof. U. Shameem (2014), Prof. A.K. Yadav (2015)


Prof. M.B. Mirza Award

This award was instituted in 1984 in honour of late Prof. Mohammed Babar Mirza, an illustrious researcher and a highly venerated teacher of Zoology. The award which is for young scientists below 32 years of age, is based on the best publications of research work done in India. The award consists of a Gold Medal and a Certificate.

Dr. S.K. Malhotra (1985), Dr. J.K. Saxena (1986), Dr. A.K. Saxena (1987), Dr. D.P. Singh (1988), Dr. KumKum Srivastava (1990), Dr. Rakesh Sehgal (1990), Dr. Kamaljeet Virk (1993), Dr. J.K. Srivastava (1994), Dr. Rita Mukhopadhyay (1995), Dr. Pratima Srivastava (1998), Ms. Jayashree Hariharan and Mr. Rajendra Rane(1999), Mrs. Preeti Bajpai (2006), Mr. Ashutosh and Mr. Pramod Kumar Prasad (2007), Ms. Anshu Malhotra (2005), Dr. Alok Ranjan Singh (2008), Mr. Lalit Mohan Goswami (2009), Dr. Neeshima Jaiswal(2010), Ms. Nishi (2011), Dr. Niranjan Kumar (2012), Dr. Tarun Keshwani (2015). Dr. Rahul Shivahare, KGMU, Lucknow (2016),


Young Scientist Award

Young Scientist Award, instituted in 1984, to encourage young scientists (below 32 years of age) in their academic pursuits is a regular feature of ISP conferences. The award is given to the best presentation of research work done in India. These presentations are made in a Special Session during each conference. Eminent parasitologists constitute the panel of judges to decide the award. The award consists of a Gold Medal and a Certificate.

Mr. A.K. Gupta (1985), Mr. Paritosh Joshi (1986), Dr. A.K. Nichani (1987), Dr. Bechan Sharma (1988), Mr. Malik Ishradullah (1989), Dr. J.K. Srivastav (1990), Mr. Sanjai Singh (1993), Ms. Rita Mukhopadhyay (1994), Ms. Huma Mustafa (1995), Ms. Vidya Prasanna Kumar (1998), Ms. Jasleen Shant (1999), Ms. Pushpa Tiwari (2000), Ms. Bindu Sukumaran (2002), Mr. Rit Vatsyayan (2003), Mr. Vinay Chaubey (2004), Mr. Ankur Sharma (2007), Mrs. Shweta Joshi (2008), Mrs. Smita Rai & Ms. Tejinder Kaur (2009), Ms. Sonia Oinam (2010), Mr. Vibhor Mishra (2011), Dr. Ankita Thakur (2014), Dr. Padma Priya (2015), Dr. Damanbha Lyngdoh (2016)



Applications for Awards: Nominations/ applications for various awards invited through ISP News Letters. The awards are conferred during the annual meetings.



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